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Olga de Polga

Olga de Polga Kitty Top Brilliant Orange

$149.00 $75.00

This breathable and comfortable top fits like your favourite t-shirt, but has the feel of silk - but wait, it's Cupro! Don't know what the heck Cupro is? 

Cupro is like Silk’s cool and trendy cousin. Born from tiny cotton fibres that are normally too small to spin into cotton (and routinely thrown into landfills), this vegan fabric is ethically sustainable and so soft to the touch. This plant based beauty feels and looks just like silk, but requires way less maintenance and breathes better than cotton. Unlike Cotton, Cupro absorbs colour, so no fading. Your oranges will stay just as juicy as the day you bought them. Say hello to your cool new 100% plant-based cousin!  

 -   60% Bemburg Cupro, 40% Rayon.  

-   Slightly longer hemline at back that front (see pics).

-   Rounded neckline, loose short sleeves.